October 19, 2023

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blink camera installed on the wall

What Batteries Do Blink Cameras Use?

In recent years, the importance of home security and surveillance has skyrocketed, primarily propelled by technological advancements. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras serve as the eyes and ears of a household when its occupants are away or fast asleep, providing an unbroken vigil against unauthorized intrusions and other potential hazards. Their capability to record and transmit

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Tech Lifestyle

Understanding the Types of Viruses and How They Affect Your Computer

For many years now, viruses have been a common and nagging problem affecting every computer user worldwide. Last year alone, the number of malware attacks globally rose to 5.5 billion, a significant increase of two percent compared to the preceding year. With every passing moment, millions of computers are threatened by malicious software. This also means

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