All About Computers: Warning Signs It Needs Repair

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In this day and age, our computers have become an indispensable tool in our lives. From checking emails to doing our work report, from keeping in touch with our friends to watching videos for entertainment, we rely on our computers in almost everything we do.

Just like our car, there will be a point where our dependable computer would need some checking and maintenance to continue servicing us. Here are some warning signs we need to watch out for that would indicate that our computer would need repair to continue running smoothly and avoid major crashes.

Top Signs Your Computer Needs Repair

Running Slower Than It Usually Does

Slow computer performance is one of the most common computer complaints. There are plenty of reasons as to why your computer is running slowly. It could be due to an outdated system for current applications and programs, lack of RAM, presence of viruses or malware, and lack of space on the hard drive.

Many of us think that a computer having this issue needs “tuning up” and overlooking it until the device becomes unusable. The easiest fix, however, is a hard drive upgrade. However, if you delay this solution, it could lead to more tedious repairs involving the rebuilding of the operating system.

“Hard Drive Failure Imminent”

“Hard drive failure imminent” is another telltale sign that your computer needs some repair by the Geek Squad Calgary. However, there are plenty of people who ignore this message until a simple repair is too late. This error code is often ignored because most users think it is inauthentic and not critical.

“Blue Screen of Death”

All of us have come across a bright blue computer screen many times in our lives. This blue screen might carry various differing error messages, but they all mean one thing: your computer needs immediate repair. A lot of us tend to ignore this sign since most of our computers usually boot up normally afterward.

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It Runs Hot

It is only natural for our computers to heat up when they are on. However, an exceedingly hot computer needs a technician’s attention right away. There are several reasons for this problem to arise. It could just be dirt buildup. But worse, it could be a broken or severely clogged cooling system.

It Would Not Turn On

If your computer does not turn on, then it is obviously a sign of trouble. But before you head to a technician, make sure you have checked whether the power is the issue. If you are using a laptop, see if your computer’s battery charges up. But if power cords are not the issue, then your computer needs to be looked into.

It Freezes or Randomly Restarts Without Warning

It can be frustrating when your computer freezes while you are in the middle of typing your work or answering an email. But more than this frustration, it is a clear indication that there is something wrong with your device, and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Hardware Functions Fail

If your computer screen shows dead pixels or your laptop’s touchpad no longer responds, then your computer’s hardware component is the problem. Most often, hardware replacements are the most expensive and inconvenient remedy.

But you are lucky if the warranty of your devices still covers the damages. However, the only problem is that these hardware function problems usually show up a year or two from the purchase, making the warranty no longer useful.

Consider Replacing Your Computer

Nothing lasts forever, not even your computer. However, just like anybody, we would like to stretch out its life as long as we can. It will get to a certain point though that it is better to invest in a new computer instead of wasting your money on hopeless repairs.

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