Eliminating Distractions: Staying Productive While Working from Home


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Working remotely has become a popular norm, especially nowadays that the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in lockdowns. Most companies have allowed workers to work from home to continue providing services while staying safe during the pandemic. This is especially true for tech professionals, marketing specialists, writers, and other jobs that mostly requires a laptop or desktop computer and internet connection. If you are also thinking of pursuing remote work, you need to prepare a strategy to ensure that you succeed in this particular field.

How to Determine of Working Remotely Is Ideal for You

You need to understand that remote work is not ideal for everyone. Thus, before letting go of your current job, you need to determine if you are fit to work remotely. Keep in mind that choosing to work from home is a huge decision. It may bring significant changes in your lifestyle, so you need to ensure that the outcome will mostly be positive. Here are some factors to consider before pushing through with your goal to work remotely:

  • Ideal work environment—The first thing that you need to determine is your ideal work environment. This means you have to find out if you feel more comfortable working with other people or working alone. You also need to know if you prefer a quiet environment without your coworkers seated near you or if you prefer the opposite.
  • Work habits—You also need to be honest with yourself and see if you can maintain having healthy work habits when you decide to work from home. This means you need to stay disciplined and be strict about your work schedule. If you get easily distracted and lose motivation whenever you are left alone, working remotely may not be an ideal option.
  • Communication skills—Working remotely demands excellent communication skills. You need to constantly send reports, updates, and other essential information to your employer. Thus, you have to ensure you have effective communication skills before choosing to work from home.
  • Organizational skills—Be honest about your organizational skills and see if you can manage meeting deadlines and providing quality service. Keep in mind that a manager or a team leader will no longer monitor you, so you need to push yourself to provide excellence in your job. If you can’t organize your own schedule, it will be challenging to survive in remote work.

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Practical Tips to Stay Focused and Productive at Work

If you are determined to start working remotely, you need to find a perfect spot at home where you can perform your job properly. This means you have to ensure that you distance yourself from any possible distractions. You have to do your best to stay focused so that you can submit outputs on time. Here are some of the easiest solutions to help you stay focused and productive while working from home:

  • Use productivity tools—Invest in productivity tools such as online calendar, project management software, etc. The key is to find the right tools that will help you manage and handle your tasks accordingly. It would be best to keep track of your progress and ensure that you are working on urgent tasks first. Don’t forget to collaborate with other teammates, so you can decide on what particular tools to use to improve your work habits.
  • Build a home office—Build and design a comfortable workspace at home. This allows you to have a designated area where you will spend your time focusing on your job. Make sure to let your family member know that they can’t disrupt you during your shift.
  • Identify your distractions—Distance yourself from any distraction. For instance, if you easily get distracted if the temperature indoors is too high, you can invest in an automated HVAC system. You can consult providers for smart home systems for your home as well. This way, you can get the right tools to make your home office more comfortable. Make sure to put away your personal phone when working. This way, you will avoid being tempted to keep checking your social media accounts or streaming videos while working.
  • Build a work playlist—Find time to organize a playlist that will help you stay focused while working. You can use audio streaming tools like Spotify to build a customized playlist. Make sure to build different types of playlists with different genres. This way, you will have various options to choose from depending on your mood.

Working remotely can provide you numerous benefits, such as having a perfect work-life balance. If you start working from home, you will have the chance to spend more quality time with your loved ones. You will also have the privilege to take control of how long you spend time at work. Thus, you need to consider working remotely, but you need to take responsibility for the way you perform your job. Make sure that you eliminate distractions and focus on providing high-quality services to your employer.

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