How to Attract Your First Customers

Attract customers

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One of the most challenging tasks when starting a business is attracting your first customers. You might be offering the best product and fantastic services in Melbourne, but the consumers are not aware of it.

Aside from hiring SEO services to carry out your marketing campaigns online, there are many ways to find your start-up's initial customers.

Acquiring customers is difficult. But it’s more challenging to find them if you don’t have a clear idea of your target market. Know your prospected costumers and discover the places they frequent, such as digital forums, social media, offline conferences, and industry events.

  • Offer your products or services to your existing network

Some people are natural salespersons, and they are comfortable talking to strangers. But if you are not gifted with this personality, you can find your first customers among your existing connections. The people you know, such as your friends, family members, and colleagues, are great candidates for being your first customers. Introducing your business to your network will also serve as training for you to be able to hone the confidence that you will need in approaching unfamiliar people soon.

  • Ask for referrals

Ask your online, personal, and professional connections for referrals. They might give you a list of people who are interested in buying your products or using your services. If you have the budget, offer a referral fee for successful conversions so they will be encouraged to provide more leads.

  • Improve your online visibility

The website is an essential element of personal branding. Many consumers depend on the information they find online when making purchase decisions. Use SEO, so your business appears on top results when they search for products similar to what you are selling.

  • Build your portfolio in social media platforms 

Before the official launch of your business, create your social media accounts to tell everyone about the grand opening. Your announcement will spark excitement among your social network, and they will likely share the news with others. Social media is low-cost marketing that will give your start-up business a good exposure. Social media reaches users of all ages with diverse demographics, so it is a great avenue to generate brand awareness.

  •  Give freebies, free trials, or discounts to attract customers. 

Everyone loves free items regardless of their monetary value. Give free samples to your first customers and ask them to tell their connections about it. You can also offer discounts to convince them to try your product. Consumers are hesitant to buy new products because they are afraid to waste their money on something they haven’t tested yet. Offering discounts or free trials will make their first purchase less painful. Yes, your business needs revenue, and selling your products at a lower price would mean less profit. But when you are on the start-up phase, getting your first customers is more important than earning significant revenues.

Your ability to come up with a great product or service doesn’t mean that you have an equal ability to sell it to new customers. You need to work hard and utilize various strategies to build your initial customer base.

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