How to Be Productive While Working from Home

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak started, most employers have adapted to the new working setup. Statistics show that 66% of employees are now working from home. Indeed, it minimizes the risks of contracting the disease. But with autonomy and less supervision, it is also easy to procrastinate, let alone when laziness strikes! So how can you beat it to get more jobs done?

Clear your mind

One of the reasons why you’re probably unproductive is because you’re having too many thoughts at a time. Unnecessary thoughts consume your mind, weighing you down. If you are already feeling overwhelmed, try clearing your mind. Meditation is one proven way to quiet the voices in your head. 30 minutes before your work starts, sit comfortably.

Avoid lying down as there’s a tendency for you to fall asleep. Focus on your breathing until your body feels lighter. Every time you get distracted, bring your attention back to your breathing. By getting rid of unwanted thoughts, you’ll feel more motivated to work, increasing your job’s quality regardless of whether you work for a telecommunications company or a9100s PCB manufacturing services.

Take a nap

If you have been deprived of sleep lately due to work, you’ll feel unenergized. And caffeine cannot make up for the lack of sleep. Yes, it can help you stay awake but lethargic, too. That’s why it’s recommended to get 8 hours of sleep a day. If your eyes are heavy, don’t fight it anymore. Go ahead and take a nap to recover from sleep deprivation. You won’t be able to focus on your work if you are dozing off, anyway. Getting a 20 to 25-minute nap is enough.

Choose a location

If you’re working in an inappropriate spot, it will reduce your productivity. For instance, if your desk is in the living room, you might find it hard to concentrate due to people talking or walking by. Try finding a quiet and comfortable place instead. It is better if you have a home office where you can be alone, but your bedroom will do if you don’t. Keep the door closed to minimize external noise. You can also consider hanging a “do not disturb” sign to prevent people from disrupting you. With a peaceful workstation, you sure can improve your productivity.

Have a plan

Try writing down your to-do list on a sticky note, then cross them over when you are done. This allows you to stay on track. Jot down “by 11 am, I will have finished the financial reports.” With this, managing your next agenda becomes much easier and faster, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing them completed on time. Of course, everyone works differently, so figure out the strategy that works best for you.

Minimize distractions

These refer to social media, YouTube, and online games. During working hours, try to keep those distractions at bay because an hour has already passed before you know it. Perhaps, practice self-discipline. You may also try putting your smartphone off. Studies show that mobile phones remain the number one distraction at work. As much as possible, avoid responding to messages unless they are important.

Take a break

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Prolonged hours in front of the computer can make you feel drained. Taking a break helps relax your mind. Try standing or taking a walk from time to time. You may also take a look at the window to have a different view. Watching people or nature can reduce stress and anxiety as they stimulate the release of “happy chemicals,” such as dopamine and endorphins. And when you feel better, you can do more than expected.


If caffeine is partially doing its job, try exercising. This will send your blood rushing through your brain and the different parts of your body, which will surely keep you awake. Try jumping jacks, push up, crunches, or pilates. You can do this before working hours or every time you feel sleepy. Besides, squeezing in at least a 15-minute exercise a day is recommended to stay fit and healthy. And remember to drink plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated.

Just relax

Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean being unproductive. You know, you don’t always have to do something, especially when you’re already tired. Chilling can also have positive effects on your body. Try listening to your favorite music or drinking tea while reading a book.

Working from home is a privilege, particularly in this time of the pandemic, but it also has disadvantages. With a proper mindset and strategy, you sure can increase your productivity.

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