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If you’re an adult and already working, there’s a big chance you have relaxation apps on your phone. Taking care of your mental health may already be one of your topmost priorities. This is the reason why you love to utilize some of these calming apps to reduce the stress you’ve been feeling a lot.

But times have changed in the digital era. Relaxation comes in more different forms now. They have evolved into a whole plethora of formats these days. They used to be apps, but now, you can already catch your mindfulness minute on podcasts. And of course, creators have also found a way to take advantage of YouTube to broadcast their calming creations.

With roughly 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour, you can find solace in some of these videos on YouTube. You may already be familiar with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR. This could be one of the most popular calming content on the streaming platform. But if you want to relax, there is content on YouTube you might take an interest in other than ASMR-themed videos. We’ve listed a few of those types you may want to check out next time you have to unwind.

“Study with Me”

This format has become very popular for students, hence the name. “Study with me” videos often feature the creator itself studying silently. It could go on for hours with several breaks throughout the video. Some videos incorporate a popular studying technique known as the “Pomodoro Technique.” You can even choose if you want to study with background music or not.

What’s good about this is these videos can serve multiple purposes. You can use these not just for studying. The theme’s relaxing nature and timed study time can also be used to work. The music alone can be used for a simple unwinding.

Silent cooking

cooking ingredients

There’s just a lot of cooking content everywhere that we may have already gotten tired of watching. Most millennials grew with Food Network. These YouTube chefs may have drawn inspiration from the people they’ve watched while growing up. This has made the format a little redundant.

That’s why some home cooks thought of a way to tweak the formula a bit. The cooking without talking format has become popular among people who want to watch the cook do what they do. And that’s minus the talking. This format has put cooking front and center. Cooking fans are happy that they can finally focus on following a recipe rather than being distracted by the chef.

But some want to watch these videos to relax. Who can blame them? The soothing sounds of chopping onions and kneading dough from a mix for simple scones form are an experience. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your food being prepared. These content creators are banking on this satisfaction, and it’s working.

Coffee shop diaries

These types of content are simply coffee shop employees, typically baristas, who show how they create drinks in a coffee shop. Some also include a little documentation of their day as a barista. But these videos are typically just about making beverages. Like silent cooking, these videos feature the gratifying processes drinks go through before they’re served to customers. There’s just something satisfying about watching how your drinks are made.

Walking tour

travel vlogger

When the pandemic hit, the world was in shambles. But one memorable impact of the virus was the global implementation of lockdowns. This was when YouTube walking tours came in handy. The limited mobility has made people be contented with these types of videos. They’re like virtual tours in 4K HD format, and they’re mesmerizing. But, indeed, people’s longing for wanderlust has largely contributed to the rise of these virtual walking tours.


This format has been popular for quite some time. Lo-fi types of content are mostly streams and videos containing Lo-fi music. Lo-fi music is characterized as soundtracks that were produced imperfectly. But the producers did them intentionally as an aesthetic preference.

That’s the type of music you’ll hear playing in the background if you watch Lo-fi videos on YouTube. These videos are perfect for studying and working. It’s the modern version of smooth jazz radio stations, which are perfect for offices. With the amount of Lo-fi content on YouTube, it looks like it isn’t going away anytime soon. This shows how much people enjoy it.

Relaxation-themed content has truly come a long way. But there’s going to be more to come for sure. People are too creative to be coming up with limited ideas. Content creators will always come up with ways to reinvent media. We’re going to have more ways of relaxing in the future.

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