Simplify Your Schedule: How to Use Calendar Apps to Stay on Top of Your Coursework

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Living your life as a college student can get complicated. You have coursework and social life to attend to. Sometimes you slip and end up with multiple assignments to complete simultaneously. As a result, you hit deadlines with unfinished work, which negatively affects your performance.

A planner can be an excellent remedy for staying on top of classwork. You can quickly see what to do at a particular time by tracking pending duties. That way, you complete urgent classwork on time and spend your free time on your social life or work.

When you have everything under control as a uni student, you live an organized and stress-free life, promoting your mental health. Working with a nursing paper writing service can free up more time if you always have little time to handle your coursework. Then, you can attend school parties and events or mingle with friends without worrying about classwork.

Here are ways calendar apps can help you simplify your schedule and put you ahead of your coursework.

1. Stay Productive

You can know what task is due, but finishing it up can be difficult because of distractions from friends or yourself. Sometimes, you overfocus on a project, only realizing it when you are exhausted.

Add a timetable to your phone if you struggle to stay productive. Most time management apps have timer features that let you focus during work. Manually set a period for focusing and another one for a break.

Most calendars integrate with time-tracking software. You can also connect the planner to other phone apps to streamline workflow. Time-blocking apps allocate a specific period to focus on work and breaks.

2. Get Organized

Have you ever had assignments to complete and exams to study for simultaneously? Planners are superb tools that help you organize all your schedules. Planning lets you know what to do on a particular date. It also helps you complete your assignments promptly and catch important events.

Calendars have planners, to-do lists, and schedulers to plan your day or week. To stay organized, write down all upcoming duties in order of priority and estimate the period each can take. Depending on the app, you’ll get reminders or notifications about your pending tasks at a specific time.

Thus, you complete each task without struggling to do them all simultaneously. Review assignments on the planner and reschedule them when necessary.  Check your to-do list for the following day the night before to prepare mentally for it. Toggle on repeat for the duties you do daily or often.

3. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Managing your time as a student is vital. Good time management allows you to be in the right places at the right time. You won’t worry about missing a class or reporting late for exams.

Having a timetable as a student can help you manage your work efficiently, keeping you on top of your coursework.

Here are some ways you can use planners to manage your time as a student:

  • To-do lists – Calendar apps allow one to enter lists of things they want to do for the following month, week, or day. Google Calendar, for example, has daily calendar tasks that allow you to set tasks for a specific period.When the date to start a task comes, the calendar sends you a reminder to start working. Completing tasks as they come helps you manage your time efficiently.
  • Integrate the calendar with other apps – Connect your calendar app with other phone apps to manage your time efficiently. For example, adding a time-tracking extension to your calendar can help you see how much time you spend on assignments.This makes it clear when the tasks take longer than you think, which allows you to adjust your calendar accordingly.
  • Complete tasks depending on their priority – If you want to avoid going out at the expense of doing class work and assessments, calendar apps are your friend. Add tasks depending on their priority. That way, you attend to more important or urgent tasks and complete the less urgent ones later.Most calendar apps use color coding to distinguish urgent tasks or similar group ones. Red can mean an urgent or essential task. Other apps like Google Calendar use stars to mark urgent or meaningful work.

4. Share Your Calendar With Friends or an Accountability Partner

Most digital calendars are shareable. Inviting others through email or sharing a link to your calendar grants them access. Businesses share calendars to schedule meetings. But as a college student, you can share your calendar link for a different purpose.

Letting your friend or accountability partner know your activities can boost your time management and organization, helping you stay on top of your coursework. When your friends know about the tasks or events on your calendar, they can give you space when you have serious classwork to complete.

When you have a free day, your friends can join you. If you share your calendar with an accountability partner, you’ll be more likely to remain productive and tick tasks off your to-do lists because someone is watching.

5. Use One Calendar App

Many planners serve a specific purpose. With multiple options, settling for a suitable one is challenging. You might have several planners on your phone or laptop, which could be more suitable. Focusing on upcoming tasks can be challenging since reminders and notifications are everywhere.

If you want to stay organized and stress-free, choose a single timetable for your computer and phone. Write down all your to-dos, events, and other social stuff on the calendar, and sync it across all your devices. Syncing your calendar across devices keeps your information updated and accessible from anywhere.

That way, you become productive and manage your time efficiently. Below is a list of the best planners for college students:

  • myHomework
  • Easy Study
  • My study life
  • Power planner
  • School planner
  • Egenda
  • Study Bunny
  • TickTick


typing on an laptop

Managing classwork and social life as a college student can get overwhelming. To stay on top of your coursework, use planners. They are a great resource to help you complete your assignments promptly by planning, blocking, and tracking your time.

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