Using Videos for Internal Corporate Communication Is the Smart Way to Do Business

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Having a small startup is no excuse for a business not to maximize the benefits of technology. Business settings are more wonderful now and less stressful because there’s a variety of communication options that allow workers to reach out to each other and exchange ideas. Although face-to-face meetings are the go-to of some companies, these are being complemented by video conference calls or video productions as internal communication strategies.

You can use a cloud PBX system for your small business so that your employees can access the videos from wherever they are in the office. You won’t have to send the video message through email. Your employees can save it in their hard drive. All you need to do is upload the video to the cloud and grant access to the people you need to hear and watch your message. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it makes good use of technology.

There are many reasons why you need to seriously turn to video production as a way to reach out to your employees. Managers and CEOs are often seen as figureheads. This leads to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Employees feel like you don’t care enough about them to meet them face to face. Even a small business suffers from this dilemma. A video message can change all that. By simply sending a video where you’ll voice out your appreciation of their hard work, you are already making headway into gaining their confidence, trust, and even camaraderie.

Saves Time and Energy

Face-to-face meetings are boring and stressful. Everyone knows that. People just doodle on their notebooks during meetings. Their minds wander off, and they lose a lot of time sitting in those chairs instead of working. Videos are short and abrupt. There’s less chit-chat, and there’s more sharing and exchanging of ideas.

Another use of videos is for training and onboarding procedures. Why let your HR manager suffer by going through the same thing over and over again each time there’s fresh blood? You can have her make a video that will brief the new hires about company policies and also virtually tour them in the office or warehouse.

Saves Money

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If there’s an announcement that you want to make, you can simply send a video message to your employees. Calling them to a meeting or a conference call will waste a lot of time and money. Instead of them being able to finish their duties, they’ll have to sit down for a few minutes to listen to your announcement. In the end, because they will need to render overtime work, you’ll have to pay them more for it.

Saves Effort

People are exhausted from having to work nearly 10 hours a day just to get by. Videos allow them to revisit an announcement or product information. While some tend to forget what a meeting has been all about, a video will make sure the message is never lost to anyone in the payroll.

In short, videos can make workers more efficient and productive. Adopting videos as the new norm for internal communication will make managing the business easier. If you’re constantly using videos to communicate in your personal lives, what’s stopping you from using them for the business, too?

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