How to Make the Most Out of Your ServiceNow Platform

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So, you have just gotten your ServiceNow license. Now, how well do you know this tool? What resources does it offer your organization? How are you planning to incorporate it into your business processes? For your ServiceNow implementation project plan, it is best that you consult a professional with a solid experience in modeling and facilitating ServiceNow application.

Where to Start

Every ServiceNow implementation should begin with pre-planning. This should entail highlighting all the features that your license offers. Also, you should determine your particular utilization requirements that the program should meet. Research about ServiceNow and the specific updates that your license entitles you to. It is equally essential that you bring every member of your resource management team on board.

In most cases, ServiceNow providers offer the necessary training to run, manage and update the program. Some charge a fee for the training while others include it in the purchase. Therefore, first, inquire about this to ascertain that there are no hidden fees for you to cover. The bottom line here is to get all your company’s stakeholders on board in the shortest time possible.

What’s Next

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Actual planning follows the pre-planning stage. At this stage, everyone who will be interacting with the program should have understood and agreed on the strategy that you will have developed together. It is also here that you will identify and examine process gaps, and then correct them to suit your company’s needs.

ServiceNow is among the most robust resource management platforms, but you have a role in examining the supporting cast. It is beyond bringing stakeholders on board; they should understand why your organization must use ServiceNow. That covers the understanding of project goals.

You will find it helpful to schedule and establish internal workshops and user groups to facilitate that. The initial meetings will help address the basics. Later on, you can reduce the frequency of the meetings, which should cover enhancements, improvements and new features that an update will introduce.

Hiring a Project Manager and Analyst

Small ServiceNow projects can be quite manageable to run by yourself. But that is only possible if you have a small team. It is imperative that you assign the project to a competent project manager and business analyst when working with large and multiple teams. These professionals have the experience to conduct and collect analysis to determine how well you utilize the program’s features.

They can also assist you in creating and implementing testing procedures. Working with a project manager for your ServiceNow implementation will also facilitate communication with stakeholders, and managing time and project risks.

Typically, planning is the more involving stage of the two. But, that is to prepare for implementing and building the program. That includes activating the plug-ins and add-ons within ServiceNow. Testing follows, after which you will deploy the program and establish support structures to keep it functional. But still, the program users and system administrators will require enrolling to administration training to master how best to get the most from ServiceNow.

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