Saving the world with a virtual reality experience in London


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A virtual reality experience in London is a great way to move on from the stresses of the last 2 years and the pandemic. If you are looking to reunite with your friends which you may not have been able to see for a long time due to the lockdown. Maybe you are bringing back employees into the office and would like to organise an excellent team building day for them that will not only get them interacting with each other effectively but also bring them back to the office with a spring in their step then book a virtual reality experience today.

A virtual reality experience in London is an innovative, exciting and fantastic adventure for those who are interested in virtual reality or have heard about it and would like to find out what it has to offer. If you love gaming then you will love virtual reality and with the difference between conventional gaming at home in front of your screen in comparison to a three-dimensional immersive virtual reality experience with over 2000 square feet of game area and technology at its most advanced, you are in for an excellent treat.


Virtual reality experience is suitable for everyone

If you are new to virtual reality, don’t let this put you off. Your virtual reality experience will include a 30-minute demo that will introduce you to the world of virtual reality in a highly enjoyable way that will help prepare you for the main event. This is made up of three parts which help introduce you to the visual aspect of virtual reality. It continues with a shooting or target game which helps you practice your hand-eye coordination for those who may be new to gaming or have not tried something of the sort before. This is a fun and highly addictive part of the demo and you get to practice your skills in time for the main event. The third part of the demo allows you to experience three-dimensional virtual reality and is an exhilarating and exciting task which involves walking a plank over the top of a tall skyscraper with nothing to catch you if you fall.

The main games themselves at the virtual reality experience in London are played in an impressive arena of a substantial size which allows you and other team members to fully immerse yourselves in the game of your choice. These games include surviving a zombie apocalypse or defending the world against an alien invasion, adapting to your ability and skill set, getting harder as you go along and as you progress through the game. The fate of the world lies in the hands of you and your team members and together you can see each other and communicate throughout the game, giving you the opportunity to have an excellent time together which you can reminisce over for many years to come. New games are introduced every 6 months and with four excellent games currently available there is definitely something for everyone at all times. Book your virtual reality experience today, step into the world of virtual reality and find out what marvels technology has to offer.

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