What Do Web Visitors Want from Your Website?

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In the past, websites are flat and static sites that provide the contact information of a business. All websites have in the past is information about what the business offers and how customers can contact the office. Business owners don’t even bother updating that website. But then came search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, and social media. They threw away everything you know about static websites. In turn, they forced websites to be dynamic, intuitive, and entertaining.

Remember that much more than the look and layout of your website, it must work for your visitors. They must find what they are looking for when they visit the site. It must be easy for them to find information about the business, products, services, and many other things. The website has to be a one-stop-shop for everything there is to know about the company.

Understanding how to give what web visitors want has a lot to do with SEO and factors that affect core web vitals. Google has started not only to measure web traffic but also how positive the experience is by web visitors. They are placing more importance on factors that make a website stable, load faster, and efficiently. Without these, a website is deemed ineffective and unreliable for its visitors.

Load Fast

Do not ever compromise the speed by which your website loads. There are a few things worse than a lagging website. Only security threats are worse than a site that cannot load properly. If a web visitor has to wait for more than 10 seconds for cool animation, then forget about that animation. Web visitors want the site to load in less than five seconds. That’s just how long they are willing to wait.

Animations used to be so cool that only big businesses had them. However, as years passed, web visitors slowly realized these were unnecessary distractions. Remove anything that will make your website slow. If that does not solve the problem, look into shared servers and large images.

Provide Information

Web visitors go to a site because they want information about your business and your products and services. The purpose of visitors when they go to your site is the same as two decades ago. They are looking for information. Make sure that it is front and center on your homepage. Your business contact details should be easy to find. Don’t make web visitors click on a link to see your business address and telephone number. Most websites have that information at the bottom of the homepage or even at the top corner of the page.

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Easy to Remember

The URL address of your website should be easy to remember. Don’t complicate this particular information about your website. Make it as simple to remember as possible. Companies actually buy the URL address of their brand names from ordinary people because that’s how important it is. For example, it’s easy to remember the web address of Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and other household brand names because they invest in those names.

This is great for SEO because analytics want organic visits to websites. This means that the visitors will type your URL address on the address bar without having to “search” for your site on Google or other search engines. In big analytics, this scores way more than clicking on a link on the search engine results page because this means the web visitors know and have your URL address memorized by heart.

Convenient and Intuitive

Once the web visitors are on your site, it should be easy for them to navigate it. This means that information shouldn’t be hard to find, the design elements should be intuitive, the icons should respond quickly, and the site should be compatible across all devices.

If you are not sure about how easy it is to navigate your website, then ask a technologically challenged individual to try browsing it. Get an honest assessment from someone who usually has a hard time understanding how to interact with a website. While that person will not be as savvy as you, he/she should eventually find what they are looking for.

Web visitors are not looking for anything special. They want the basics to be delivered to them. It is not too hard to make your website intuitive, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes. That is the formula for creating an effective website that will give customers what they are looking for. Every business should strive to accomplish that as it is a recipe for success.

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