Why Does My iPhone Camera Keep Blinking?

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It’s annoying when your iPhone camera starts randomly blinking. It can be especially irritating if you’re trying to capture a special moment and the camera won’t cooperate. This can happen with the rear-facing or front-facing camera, making it difficult to take the perfect shot. Fortunately, you can take a few key steps to troubleshoot this issue and get your device up and running again in no time.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to understanding why your iPhone camera might be flashing and what you can do to fix it.


What Do You Mean by Camera Blinking?

Many iPhone users report that their camera is “blinking” or “flashing.” They may see quick flashes of light or experience a constant blinking after they open the camera app. This can lead to shaky or blurred images that aren’t always of the best quality. Camera blinking is an issue that can affect both the rear-facing and front-facing cameras on iPhones.

Of course, this can also happen to other smartphones. iPhone and Android camera blinking may manifest differently, but the underlying causes are likely the same. Depending on the device, you may even experience camera blinking when your device is completely idle.

Why Does My iPhone Camera Keep Blinking?

There can be a few reasons your iPhone camera might be blinking. Technical glitches, software bugs, and hardware malfunctions usually cause these issues.

Technical glitches like corrupted memory, a faulty battery, or an overheated processor can all contribute to camera blinking. If you’re experiencing this issue regularly, it may be a sign that something is wrong with your device’s internal components.

Software bugs are another common cause of the issue. Outdated apps and operating systems can lead to flickering lights when using the camera app. If that’s the case, then updating your device to the latest version of iOS may help resolve the issue.

Finally, hardware malfunctions can also cause the camera to flicker or blink. A faulty smartphone camera lens or poor wiring connections between components can lead to this problem. In these cases, you’ll need to take your phone in for repairs or try replacing any broken parts yourself.

10 Amazing Tips To Fix iPhone Camera Blinking

To help you troubleshoot this issue, here are ten amazing tips to fix iPhone camera blinking:

Restarting the iPhone

The most essential step you can take is to restart your device. This will help clear any bugs that might be causing the issue. Just press and hold the power button until the screen goes dark, then wait a few seconds and turn it back on. This can also fix many minor glitches like frozen apps or the steady green dots on the iPhone camera.

Closing Camera-Related Apps

You want to ensure no other camera-related apps are running in the background. These can interfere with your device’s performance and cause the camera to blink. To close these apps, double-click the home button and swipe up on any open app windows. You can also disable the camera app itself to free up resources.

Checking for Software Updates

Most issues can be resolved by updating the software on your device. If the app or operating system is outdated, it may not be able to handle the camera’s input correctly. Open the Settings app and head to General > Software Update to check for updates. This will let you know if any available updates could help fix the blinking issue.

Resetting Camera Settings

Many users have reported that resetting their camera settings solved the blinking issue. To do this, open the Settings app and go to Camera > Reset Camera Settings. All your custom settings will be wiped out, but you can always set them back up again afterward. If this doesn’t help, then try resetting the entire device itself.

Clearing Cache and Data

Many apps store temporary files in a process called “caching.” These can clog up your device’s memory and lead to technical issues. Open the Settings app and select General > iPhone Storage to clear the cache. Scroll down and tap an app to reveal its cache size. You can delete the entire app to clear the cached data if it’s small enough. If it’s too large, you can try deleting its associated data.

Updating or Reinstalling Problematic Apps

Some apps may be causing the phone’s camera to blink. These apps may include third-party photo editing programs or any other camera-related app. To check if an app is the culprit, open it and look for a refresh icon in the top right corner. If you see one, tap it to update the app to its latest version. If not, then uninstall and reinstall the app.

Checking for Hardware Damage

Damage to the iPhone’s internal components can also cause this problem. This could include faulty batteries, damaged wiring, or a malfunctioning lens. To check for these issues, take your device to an Apple Store or authorized service provider. You may need to replace some parts to fix the issue.

Enabling/Disabling Flash and HDR

The flash can cause the camera to blink if it’s turned on. To disable it, open the Camera app and tap the lightning bolt icon in the top left corner. If you’re using HDR mode, then disabling it might also help. Just open up the Settings app and find Camera > HDR Option. Make sure this option is switched off before taking any pictures or videos.

Resetting All Settings

Like in the previous steps, you may need to reset all settings on your device to fix the issue. This will wipe out all custom changes and preferences but won’t affect any of your data or files. To reset the settings, open the Settings app and select General > Reset All Settings. This will reset your device to its original state.

Seeking Professional Help

Lastly, if none of the above tips work, your best option is to seek professional help. You can take your device to an Apple Store or authorized service provider for a more comprehensive diagnosis. They’ll be able to identify the exact cause and provide you with the best solution for fixing it.



Camera blinking can be annoying and frustrating, but it’s usually easy to troubleshoot. Follow the tips outlined above, and your device should be up and running again. Always make sure to keep your phone up to date to avoid any technical glitches or software bugs. If all else fails, seeking professional help is always the best option. With a few simple steps, you can take quality photos and videos with your iPhone camera again.

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