3 Major Tools to Improve Team and Individual Agility at Work

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Agility is all about completing the work in half the time without sacrificing the quality of the output. Hence, it is important to equip your team members with the basic tools that will give them the agility they need to perform their tasks quicker and more efficiently.

Project Management Tool

Agile practitioners often say that time is considered currency; like with money, you have to budget and spend your time wisely to produce quality work. Having a cloud-based scheduling software allows individuals and teams to access personal and shared calendars, keeping everyone in sync and ensuring that all meetings and appointments are set without conflicting schedules.

It also integrates with project management tools like Kanban and Scrum boards, making digital files easily accessible for everyone working on the project. This is especially important for teams and individual contributors who work on a project together and follow a shared timeline. Knowing how and where to spend your time is essential in achieving excellent results in half the time.

Work Mapping Tool

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Aside from synchronising work schedules, it is also important to ensure that the team has an established and mapped out route. A work mapping tool is used to plan out the workflow, which includes information about the task and the steps required to accomplish it, the estimated time of completion for each task, and the task delegation and dependencies.

A mapping tool is a way to break down an entire bulk of work into smaller, actionable steps that show what needs to be done, how to do it, when and how long it takes to do it, and who is responsible for completing it. It makes the tasks visible, giving everyone a clear view of how things are expected to flow from start to finish. It makes handoffs more manageable and tracebacks more accurate, too.

Cloud Storage Access

Lastly, nothing is more basic in working Agile than having access to cloud storage. Agility means having the capacity to store files remotely for later access anytime, anywhere, through an authorised desktop or mobile device. Team access level can also be programmed, making sure that only the necessary information can be accessed by certain people based on the level of permission granted to them.

Cloud systems also help reduce the need for large physical space for data storage systems, freeing up the floor area and reducing the need for equipment maintenance work from onsite IT professionals and data managers. Having access to the files that they need makes it much easier for team members to update, retrieve, and preserve them. These actions are also automatically logged into the system for security and accountability.

Many of today’s organisations are adapting Agile work methods to increase productivity and improve their products and services. Having the right tools can greatly enhance your team’s capacity to perform their work and accomplish their goals. These basic tools are a must-have not just for organisations who practice Agile work methods but also groups looking to increase productivity, improve time efficiency, and boost individual and team performance for the overall success of their projects.

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